Does your business demand proper SEO services? If so, then you need to learn that quality content is so important and links are part of the most efficient ways of achieving improved Google rankings. Professionals in this area have previously been concentrating more on press-releases and write-up submissions. However, with the introduction of items such as Panda updates, some have been using blogging and guest posting to acquire several links.


Defining Guest Posting

We asked Jess Harrington from All-In-One Web Design, a Web Design Agency in Scotland how she defines guest posting:

“Guest posting just means writing and later publishing original blog posts or content for other websites. It’s among the best techniques for creating links, mixing content and acquiring high-quality links from those highly ranked blogs and sites. This is achieved without having to use unpleasant means, for example, reciprocal and paid links. It is also a reliable means of advertising your services and products as well as getting free marketing that will attract more interested clients to visit your website!”


How To Conduct Guest Posting?

We asked Jim Tully from Keep SEO Simple, an SEO Agency in Scotland how he conducts guest posting for his clients:

“To start with, you’ll need to research and make a suitable database of blogs and websites that offer guest posting opportunities. Arrange them according to certain niche areas and their areas of industry. If you are using particular keywords, check for those blogs with good ranking on Google and allow guest posting. Such should be your primary targets.

Once you establish a successful database, continue and research for subjects and concepts that you can quickly and correctly write and submit to the blog of your choice. Have a comprehensive list of topics and start contacting various webmasters. Remember that owners of guest posting sites should see your particular interest to work for their sites for them to provide you with a link. The link is found in the publisher’s information.

Once you send your content to the website owner, the editors work on it, and they tell you how attractive your content is. If it is pleasing, then it’s published with a link to your social website. We did this for our clients airsoft store which you can find here. and The main reason behind this is to make your blog viral while also offering proper traction to this guest posting sites.

There are also experts who include various rules for guest posting content. A good example is the addition of photos to create a more visual feel. You may also need to suggest different topics for the editors of guest posting websites. Once they accept your items, then you can proceed accordingly.”


Key Reminders

  • Use original subjects. You’ll need to create a good reputation and working relationship with experts so that they may continue to use your content on their websites.
  • The content should be informative
  • Do proper research and improve your content using images where necessary
  • If you notice a website you receive a guest post from receives a penalty, then remember to disavow it to protect your site. We recommend you check out this guide to remove unnatural links with the disavow tool.
  • The content should use different pieces of evidence to support relevant information
  • Create healthy relationships with other clients and web experts



Are you using guest posting services to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your business? If not, then the above information should help you see the great opportunities hiding in guest posting services. It is an efficient and natural SEO method of creating links and establishing relationships with various webmasters!