Both Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a tool that’s used as part of the overall commercialization of the internet. Although these two have the same target when being incorporated by companies, some few differences can be highlighted in them. Below, we will take a look into the main parameters that set PPC and SEO advertising apart.




The main difference between PPC and SEO marketing is the cost that it takes to have one in your advertising campaign. The traffic generated from SEO is organic and does not require any payment while on the other hand, you have to pay for the traffic that is derived from PPC.

As much as the traffic from SEO is free, it is worth noting that it requires a good deal of hard work and effort to acquire free traffic, especially from the search engines. This is due to the immense competition for almost all the keywords that you search for. This leads to the inevitable fact that the price you have to pay for a top 5 position includes a top-notch website and an outstanding SEO plan.

On the other hand, PPC advertising relies on a myriad of different factors. The main factor is that you are supposed to pay for the clicks that your adverts receive but fortunately, there is no payment for viewing. For you to effectively utilize this, you can make an estimate of your budget in advance and then ensure that you do not pay more than that. After this is done, you should also try and extrapolate your mean cost for every click that your target keywords could take. It is worth noting that in Google Adwords, there is a tool named Google Keyword Tool that enables you to get a rough estimate of your Cost Per Click (CPC).


Traffic Potential

The traffic generated by SEO marketing is regarded as organic traffic and is essentially more than that generated by PPC advertising. The organic traffic (traffic generated by SEO) is continuous and reliable as long as you maintain among the top 5 positions. The cost incurred when in such a position is far much less as compared to going the way of PPC. However, it is quite difficult to manage the first page positions in SEO marketing and paying for traffic via PPC is the only logical line of action. The PPC will get you more traffic, but you will have to endure higher payment charges for it.



Ease of Use

Without the experience and knowledge required to run PPC or SEO marketing, it could be a difficult task indulging in either of the two. To master the use of SEO, you will be required to put in much of your time and effort. It could take a few months, or years in some cases, to be ranked for specific terms, and at times you may not be ranked at all. On the other hand, to have good results from PPC, taking a course for the same or hiring an expert would be the best option to take.



Both PPC and SEO are resourceful means of gaining ground in your internet advertising. They both have their pros and cons, but the bottom line is, if you have the ability to combine them, the more they add to the depth of your marketing strategy. However, if they are to be used individually, PPC is best placed when your product has a high conversion rate. SEO, on the other hand, is best used when you have a small budget for advertising.